Watch List June 18th

Good Morning,

Welcome to quadruple witching and S& P rebalance day. This is probably the hardest day of the year to trade. There will be all sorts of unusual and unnatural price action today in both the major indices and individual stocks. We will possibly see some stocks get pinned to strike prices, others get gamma squeezes, and yet others move up or down to to a changed weighting in an S&P index. Overall it will be a very challenging day to navigate, especially in the afternoon. Knowing this heading in, we will not have any mic time after 2 PM today. The chat room will be open as it always is 24/7, but after 2 PM we will just be sharing a SPY 5 minute chart. Here are a few names that we will be watching just for day trades this morning:

NNDM - a name we’ve been watching - c&h patterns on several timeframes - yhod break then the 8.40 region

PLTR - 25.50 region ww

BB - meme stock but could give us some follow through today - 14 likely a spot to watch

GO - might have enough gas to push to the gap start line at 36 - prefer a soft open to 35 region for a better entry but will see how it sets up

WISH - 11.50 break could offer a quick trade

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