Watch List June 25th

Good Morning,

As I mentioned in yesterday's email, we could be in for some end of quarter forced selling my funds, and it seems that its starting to play out here. We are also seeing Covid 19 news and plays starting to dominate headlines again as case count in the US is now moving clearly in the wrong direction. The SPY is now in a clean 3/8/20 cross down, but it does have a lot of potential support in the 298 to 302 region, so for the most part I am not in a hurry to get short anything quite yet with one exception noted below. My main plan now is to stay very small in the positions I take and to be very selective in what I choose for either relative strength or a a key sector play like I did yesterday with CODX which is a virus name. If this 3/8/20 cross down continues to play out, I will also start to look for short opportunities, but the key there is that I will look to get short at resistance on pops as opposed to shorting at support. Here are a few names that I will be watching today:

AZN I am still interested in adding a bit more back to this position

CODX I would like to add back what I sold and possibly more

MRNA is another virus play that is in a nice short term ascending triangle, and I like this over 67 for a push up to 70 or higher

BNTX is a virus play as well that had a big move on Monday and has retraced and is rounding. I like this over yesterday's high of 55.35 for a push up to $60 or higher

XLF I am interested in getting short if it tries to reclaim the $23 level and fails

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