Watch List June 30th

Good Morning,

Yesterday we saw the market make an early move and then trend sideways much of the day before a small fade and then a rally late to high of day. It is worth noting that all of this happened on very light volume on a green day versus the heavy volume we saw on selling days last week. We also have a ton of economic data coming the rest of this short week with a holiday on Friday which will make for some rough waters most likely. We also have Fed Chair Powell and Treasury Secretary Mnuchin testifying before Congress today and FOMC minutes release tomorrow. Bottom line is we are likely to be a little less active until we get through the holiday, but we will be ready if any A+ setups materialize. Here's a list of names that I will be watching today:

AMD is right off the weekly watch list. I like this short on a green open that goes red

TWOU is another one off of the weekly watch list. I like this on a red to green move for entry long

SPR is a Boeing supplier that had a big move yesterday on 737 Max news. I like this on a soft open and then a red to green move

CAR is a name to watch if the travel space gets some more recovery. I like this on a red to green move for a push back up to its sma200

RAD I like on a soft open and a red to gren move for push up to the mid $18s or higher

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