Watch List March 18th

Good Morning,

It's been quite a week so far with what feels like some very volatile action although the VIX has eased to the lowest level we have seen in a year. The bottom line is we are in a period that is seeing some intraday as well as interday chop, and it is not making trading conditions easy. This morning the futures are pointing towards a pretty good gap down open for the major indices, but that could all change with jobless claims numbers at 8:30 AM Eastern time. The VIX is up in the premarket, but it is still pretty tame compared to its recent trading range. Patience continues to be the word of the week as we have dealt with the FOMC but now have to deal with jobless claims today and quad witching tomorrow. Here are some names that we are watching today:

ANGI from the weekly watch list is not a bad entry right about where it is if the overall market settles in and finds some short term support in this gap down

OCUL is another name that looks good off of the weekly watch list if the market settles in and finds some support this morning

AVYA is consolidating very nicely in a TTM Squeeze on the daily along vwap anchored to the February highs. I like this on a pullback to that vwap level around 30.50 for a push up to $34 or higher

F held its daily sma20 perfectly yesterday, and I'm interested long if it tests it again and holds it for a push up to test the recent highs in the mid $13s and possibly break higher

MYOV is taking out some anchored vwap resistance at the $24 area. I like this long on a back test and hold of that area for a push up towards $30 as it heads into its June 1st PDUFA date

SAVA was a huge runner earlier this year that has pulled back and consolidated around its sma20 in a nice TTM Squeeze on the daily. I like this on a soft open that goes red to green for a push up towards $70. Note that this can move very fast so manage position size accordingly

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