Watch List March 30th

Good Morning,

Why should this week be any different? Yesterday we saw another day of very normal daily candles for the indices but with a lot of strange intraday action and weakness in a lot of individual names. It seems as if the hedge fund liquidation situation is not fully sorted out yet, and until its is we may be in for some more choppy intraday action. This morning we are pointing to a gap down in the major indices and a gap up in the VIX. I will continue to be patient and very selective until this chop settles down. Here are a few names that we will be watching today:

AAPL I am still watching from the weekly watch list. I like this if it break $120 and tests lower and then comes back up through that $120 spot

CCK is in a very nice flag pattern with a shelf of anchored volume by price and a TTM Squeeze on the daily. I like this long on a pullback to the $97 to 97.50 area for a test of $100 and possible break much higher

PRAH had a big gap up in February and has since accumulated along vwap anchored to that gap up with a TTM Squeeze now starting to set up. I like this on a pullback to anchored vwap around 147.50 for a push up to $155 or higher

SWI is a beat up name that is forming a very nice inverted head and shoulders with anchored vwap as the neckline. I do not want to chase the neckline for entry but instead I will look for a pullback into the right shoulder around 16.75 for an entry long

XLE is another name from the weekly watch list that I will be watching today. I like this on a soft open that goes red to green for a starter long

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