Watch List May 18th

Good Morning,

Last night Fed Chair Powell was on 60 Minutes and basically re-upped his claim that the Fed can do a lot more and has unlimited resources and tools to help the economy. The market seems to like this and is up quite a bit here in the premarket. Unfortunately this has just about every name I'm looking at gapping up as well, which makes finding entries to the long side at least very difficult. It also looks like this gap up is going to put us right back into an area that has been strong resistance over the last month. My plan today is to be extremely patient at the open and mostly focus on the weekly watch list names found here

If the Fib levels from 289 to 292 prove to be strong resistance again, I may shift my focus to some short setups, but for now will just plan on letting the market settle in and focus on the weekly watch list names.

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