Watch List November 25th

Good Morning,

Today is going to be very interesting in that we have a lot of economic numbers coming out this morning that will be coupled with a typically light volume trading day ahead of the holiday tomorrow. As a reminder to all, Friday will be a half day with the market closing at 1 PM Eastern time. Yesterday we saw a strong move up in the major indices and some continued easing in the VIX, and this morning we are seeing most of the major indices relatively flat, but that could all change at 8:30 when we see GDP and jobless claims numbers. We also have FOMC minutes this afternoon at 2 PM to add to the fun. I mostly expect to be day trading the open this morning and probably take it easy after that. There are a few names that I will be watching for swings, but I would really need to get an ideal setup to want to enter ahead of the holiday.

MOMO made an interesting move yesterday off of its trendline support, and I like this today on a soft open that goes red to green. If this sets up I would probably take profit on some as a day trade if it starts to work and hold a portion for a short swing ahead of earnings

AAPL has been lagging the market but found support off of a trend line yesterday and may reclaim some key anchored vwap levels today. I like this over $116 for a test of $120 and possible breakout of a pennant

DKNG had a big selloff from its early October highs and has recovered nicely since then. This is forming a nice little bull flag and I would be interested in a swing starter position on a pullback within the flag. Ideally I'd like a starter position in the 46.50 to $47 range for a longer term swing for a break of the flag

RUN is rounding nicely and ideally I'd like to enter lower for a swing, but I do like this on a soft open that goes red to green for a day trade today

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