Watch List October 6th

Good Morning,

The market gave us a gap up and go day yesterday, and this morning we were pointing to a gap down open early in the premarket, but that is slowly trending towards a flat to just slightly down open as I type here at 8:05 AM Eastern time. The daily charts are starting to look pretty constructive for a move higher, but we are not quite out of the woods yet. One concerning thing that we are watching closely is the VIX which was green yesterday despite the very green market. Overall, things look pretty good for a continued bounce higher and we will be looking for swing trades to take advantage of this if this continues to confirm. Here are some names that we will be watching today:

ALT is setting up for a 3/8/20 cross in a TTM Squeeze. I like this over $14 for a push up to $16 or higher

FLIR has a nice TTM Squeeze and a confirmed 3/8/20 cross. I like this on a back test of previous resistance around 36.25 for a push up to $39 or higher

GO had a strong move up to its daily sma50 in a TTM Squeeze, and I like this for a swing if it puts in an inside day today

OSTK just had a 3/8/20 cross back up in a TTM Squeeze followed by a couple of inside days. I like this over $82 for a test of the sma50 at $85 and possible push much higher

MIK is consolidating in a slight pullback of of recent highs and is trying to reclaim vwap anchored to the highs. I like this over 10.10 for a test of $11 and possible push to $12

TENB has a nice TTM Squeeze and is reclaiming vwap anchored to the recent highs. I liek this on a soft open that goes red to green for a push up to $42 or higher

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