Watch List September 18th

Good Morning,

Yesterday was quite a day for the market with a big gap down, a bounce, and then another push down before a late relief rally. Today we have quad witching as well as the S&P rebalance, which is likely to make for some very choppy action especially in the final hour of trading. As usual on a quad witch Friday, we are going to shut down the screen share early today at 3 PM Eastern. Trying to trade that last hour is extremely difficult and we want to encourage members to not trade that final hour. With opex and the S&P rebalance, I'm really not interested in new swing trades in any mid and large cap names, and I will mostly focus on day trades today unless there is a truly incredible setup. Here is a short list of names that I will be watching today:

PLUG I like over $13 for a push up to the mid $14s or higher

KODK has been a very high volume mover the last few days and may present multiple opportunities today. Ideally I like a softer open and $11 break for a push to $12 or higher

EGO is a gold name that had a nice push off of its sma20 and reclaim of its sma50 on volume yesterday. I like this either on a retest and hold of the sma50 or on a move over yesterday's high of day

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