Watch List September 9th

Good Morning,

Yesterday we saw another day of selling in the market with all of the major indices getting close to testing their daily sma50 on the pullback. Early this morning in the premarket, we are pointing towards a pretty big gap up open, but it will be important to be patient and let the open settle in before we see a true direction for the day. Our approach of keeping position size and overall risk small has served us very well in this pullback, and we remain with the same approach for now. Yesterday we took a new swing trade in SDC calls, and started trimming some profits already. Hopefully we get some follow through the rest of the week. Here are some names that I will be watching today:

UAL I like from our weekly watch list and would consider entry anywhere between $38 and 38.50 for a move up to the mid to high $40s

SNAP from the weekly watch list I like on a break of $23 for a push up to the $26 area

ATRA is a biotech that has some Phase 1 data due on Friday. I like this over $14 for a push up to $16 but will not hold this into the data on Friday so this would be a day trade or quick overnight swing trade

BYND is in a TTM Squeeze and had a strong day in a weak tape yesterday and stalled at a key anchored vwap level at 135.25 I like it over that level for a move up to last week's high around $143 and possibly even a push to $150

AAL is in a nice TTM Squeeze with a huge shelf of anchored volume by price. I like this over $14 for a push up to $16 or higher

NKLA had a huge move on news that stalled at a key anchored vwap level. I like this over that level around 50.10 for a push up to the $60 area

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