Weekly Watch List December 16th

Happy Saturday,

It was quite a week in the market this past week with the FOMC rate decision and press conference and nonstop US China trade news. We go through the week with what looks like a Phase 1 deal, and it looks like negotiations are going to start right away on Phase 2. Just when we thought we might have a break form trade new, we will be right back into it. Overall, the SPY continued to hold its ema8 and again push to new all time highs, and the VIX spiked a bit before easing again. As much as a pullback would be healthy here, the trend still remains pretty strong for the major indices. Early this week, we'd like to see how the market continues to digest this trade deal, and hopefully we see volatility continue to stay muted. Here are some names we will be watching this week:

DDOG is a relatively recent IPO that recently backfilled a gap and is turning back up. It was able to regain its sma20 on Friday, and it looks ready to head back up towards recent highs. We like this over last week's high of 39.13 or on a pullback and hold of the sma20 for a move up towards $41 or higher

SY had a big selloff in late August and is working its way back up in a TTM Squeeze on the daily. We like this over 12.67 for a test of $13 and move up to $14 or higher

MAXR is flagging in a very nice TTM Squeeze on the daily. It is also regaining its sma20 in that flag pattern. We like this over $12 for a push up to $13 or higher