Weekly Watch List For July 8th

I hope that everyone had a great weekend and that you were all able to spend some time getting relaxed, refreshed, and ready for a new week. The market continued its move up in the short trading week last week, and made another new all time high. It will be interesting to see if it has the appetite to push higher or if it needs a bit of a rest. Either way we have a nice list of names to watch this week.

I is a name that was nonstop in the spring and summer of 2018 and has pulled back quite a bit of its high in October of 2018. It looks to be finding some support and is starting to set up in a TTM Squeeze. We would be interested in I on a back test and hold of the $20 level or we would also be interested on a move over 21.84 for a possible test of the sma200.

ANF is one of many names that are setting up for reversals in the retail sector. It is set up in a very nice TTM Squeeze, and is starting to make a nice reversal move. We like this name on a break of 17.17 for a push up and test of the 18 level. We would also be interested on a pullback and hold of the 16.50 area.

GME is a another beat up retail name that is starting to show signs that it might give a reversal or at least a nice trade for a bounce. This name is heavily shorted and could give a big move if it started to get a little momentum. We would be looking for a break up over the 5.64 high of day from Friday for a push up into the nice gap above.

PLCE is in a very nice TTM Squeeze setup and has room for a nice move up on a break over the sma50 around the $101 area. Alternatively we would also be interested in an entry on a back test and hold of the sma20 around $95

CVNA hit its all time high back in May and has pulled a bit since then, but its now in a very nice consolidation pattern around the sma20 and sma50. It is also in a nice TTM Squeeze. For an ideal entry here we would like a test and hold of the sma20 and a light blue momentum bar on the daily TTM Squeeze indicator.

KSS is another nice setup for a retailer that could give a nice reversal trade. For many of these names we will be looking for the same type of moves that DDS made last week. We like a break of Friday's high of 48.69 as an entry where we would be looking for a test of 50 and possible move to 51 or higher.

MTCH is a name that is looking ready for a big breakout. It has a beautiful TTM Squeeze and has been coiling nicely for over a month. Ideally we would like to get an entry on a pullback and hold of the sma20 around $70

SAIC is in a beautiful flag pattern and has already given a nice mostly sideways pullback to the sma20. Here we are looking to enter on a break up out of the flag pattern. We will be watching any move over Friday's high of 87.99 up to 88.30 for a possible entry which could result in a very nice breakout into the 90s.

TGT What would the watch list be without one more retail name? This name, however, looks quite a bit different than the others. TGT is in a nice TTM Squeeze and set for a possible breakout over the recent highs. Here we would be looking for a break up over 89 for one possible entry, or alternatively we would also be interested in a pullback and hold of the sma20.

If you have any questions about the list or any of the setup feel free to contact us at peter@thetraderspath.com or justin@thetraderspath.com

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