Weekly Watch List October 28th

Good Evening,

Last week we had some largely sideways movement in the indices until Friday, when the market made a pretty good push up before backing off a bit later in the afternoon. Overall, though, we saw a continuation in a mild uptrend near all time high resistance. This week we have the FOMC meeting and rate decision on wed at 2 PM Eastern, which certainly has the potential to move the market even if the Fed cuts rates as largely expected. We also still have developments in the US China Phase 1 trade deal, which is still an evolving situation. Overall, it remains a time to be patient and short term focused in our trading. Here are some names that we will be watching all week:

SIG made a nice move over its sma100 on Friday abd is in a very nice TTM Squeeze. We will be looking for continuation of this ove over 17.40 for a push up to test $18 and possibly move up to $19 or higher.

BLMN regained its sma200 after pulling back below it after a short pop above in September. We like this either on a pullback and bounce back up off of that sma200 with an ideal entry around 19.20 or a breakout over Friday's high of 19.74 for a test of $20 and then possible push up to $21 or higher

TUP is consolidating just below its sma100 and looks ready to take that out and push up towards the sma200. We like this over 16.41 for a move up to $18 or higher

HOME has been consolidating nicely in a TTM Squeeze just above its sma20. We like this on a breakout over 10.50 for a push up into the nice gap above or alternatively we like this on a pullback and hold of the sma20 and the $10 area

GSX is a relatively recent issue that is in a nice TTM Squeeze on the daily. We like this on a small pullback and hold of the $15 area and would like to pick this up on a move back up through 15.10 for a test of recent highs in the high $15s and possible move higher

DBX is setting up for a 3/8/20 cross in a TTM Squeeze n the daily and has earnings coming up on November 7th. We like this over 19.87 to $20 for a push up to $21 or higher. We would also like this on a pullback and hold of the ema34 around 19.50

SKX is in a long TTM Squeeze on the daily and had a bit of an all over the place move last week after earnings but recovered nicely. It looks ready for a break higher if it can get over 38.33 for a push up to $40 or higher

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